Writing Update 10/21/20

Lightfoot drafts are done. They are in with my editor and have an expected ETA to be back in my hands on the 1st of November. I should be able to get it flipped in a reasonable period of time. It’ll go out to Alpha readers at that point.

I’m trying to outsource the cover art for Lightfoot, but it’s been fraught with challenges.

I’m still working up a title for it, but I’ve got a completely new series that I’m working on. It’s a hard sci-fi portal/multiverse story that leans toward space opera. I’m sitting at 21K words so far. It’s too early to start sharing chapters, but it’s moving along nicely.

Quick writing update

Quantum Decay – Entangled Fates 4 is done and with my editor.
Quantum Proliferation – Entangled Fates 2 is with Melissa for narration.
Reviews for Entangled Fates continue to be solid. (4.9 star average)

I started writing a new series (high fantasy) and book one is a little over half done.

It’s quite possible I’ll have both EF4 and the unnamed book out before August, so that would put me at 5 books published in under a year.