Quick writing update

Quantum Decay – Entangled Fates 4 is done and with my editor.
Quantum Proliferation – Entangled Fates 2 is with Melissa for narration.
Reviews for Entangled Fates continue to be solid. (4.9 star average)

I started writing a new series (high fantasy) and book one is a little over half done.

It’s quite possible I’ll have both EF4 and the unnamed book out before August, so that would put me at 5 books published in under a year.



Quantum Beginnings Free Days

Awesome news, my best selling near-future cyberpunk thriller, Quantum Beginnings – Entangled Fates 1 is free through 5/22/20.

I could try to talk it up, but my reviewers do a better job.

P.M.: “Outstanding writing, excellent story, well developed characters you will love, one of the best books I’ve read this year.”
A.: “An amazing story of early development of cyber tech. The way it’s written feels really realistic and how people react to transhumanism.
A.C: “This is one of those gems you always hope to stumble into
J.D.: “Couldn’t put this down.
C.D.: “A wonderful read that would not let go even after I finished the book!
M.M: “I absolutely loved this book. The characters were awesome and I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it.
L.T.: “Stayed up crazy late because I couldn’t put it down.
M.: “It was an amazing book about struggle and survival.
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Artificial intelligence was nearly mankind’s last invention. AI took off like a rocket, then when it racked up an impressive death toll, it crashed before it could blossom and took most high-tech industries with it. Resistance and fears became deep-set.
Two decades after the infamous Rev. 4.6 incidents, humanity hasn’t quit dreaming of the wealth and power that could be at their fingertips. A new generation of mega-corporations rose from the ashes. When one melds a quantum computer to a barely functional mental patient as a PR move, there are those who seek to profit, those who want to destroy it, and Alex.

Alex Sage is a typical college student trying to keep up his grades and maybe find a meaningful connection with the fairer sex. Then, an automated semi crashes into his home, killing his family and turning his head into a pin cushion in the process.

Alex awakens to find most of his memories gone and an illegal AI hidden in his brain implant. Now the pet project of a tech billionaire and heavily in debt, Alex struggles to stay valuable enough to be kept online. Still grappling with the repercussions of his injuries, and threats from a dangerous anti-augmentation political movement, there are no easy answers and threats loom around every corner. Alex must use whatever resources he can to escape from under the thumb of a ruthless corporation, while keeping those he comes to love safe.

This series features an anti-hero protagonist, does not shy away from complicated relationships (multiple partners), and is not fade to black. 18+

If you enjoy techie thrill-rides, action-packed scenes, morally gray main characters, and aren’t afraid of a bit of spicy romance, this might just be for you.

Audiobook Update (Quantum Proliferation)

Hey all, for those of you who listen to your books, I wanted to spread a quick update. 

I’ve decided to use the Patreon funds to help secure Melissa to do book 2. If you’d like to back that project, you can contribute over at: https://patreon.com/joekuster

Rough availability to start it will be May. From there, it’ll take recording, retakes, edits, and however long it takes for publishing. That’s probably not as quick as you all would love, but it’s the soonest I think I’d have the funds together out of the book project. 

If I’m fair, the audiobooks are a bit of a money pit at the moment, but I’m hoping to change that. So, when I do have it ready, spreading the word would be super appreciated.