Lightfoot is Live!

Lightfoot is live 🙂

Life as a plaything of the divines is harder than it sounds.

As one of the downtrodden in Eden’s Meadow, TJ has led a life of scraping by as best he could. With little more to his name than a winning smile, his life takes a turn for the interesting as he befriends Serina, a rebellious young woman among the god-like Devas that control his realm. Being a test subject for her magic seems innocent enough, even if she occasionally tinkers with things she shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, her experiments on him don’t go unnoticed and as soon as her family finds out, he’s as good as dead. About to be pulped by dozens of angry higher powers, Serina saves him the only way she can: by binding his soul to hers and flinging him through a portal to another world.

Landing in the realm full of dangerous creatures and sinister adversaries, he finds that the pact has changed him in more ways than claiming his soul. The newly minted adventurer has his work cut out for him, especially since he doesn’t have any idea how to use the magic that’s been stuffed into him, much less what to do about the oaths that require him to love freely and spend his nights carousing.

Join TJ on this riveting adventure that spans multiple worlds and help him discover the secrets of the Devas as he struggles to survive and fulfill his oaths.

Disclaimer: This series features TJ building harem-like relationships with multiple devoted women, and does not fade to black. For 18+ readers only.

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