Lightfoot – Beta Reads Launched

Hey all, just a quick update on Lightfoot. I’ve got my edits in and it just went out with Beta readers. I’m still working on an ETA, but it should go out this month. Lightfoot Blurb: Life as a plaything of the divines is harder than it sounds. As one of the downtrodden in Eden’sContinue reading “Lightfoot – Beta Reads Launched”

Writing Update 9/27/20

The first book in a new series just went out to the alpha readers. Lightfoot is currently clocking in at 156K words. If you’d like to check out early chapters, you can find them on my Facebook group: Editing is locked in for October. Other updates: Narration for EF3 is scheduled to begin inContinue reading “Writing Update 9/27/20”