Quantum Beginnings Audiobook Release!

Hey all! If you enjoy digesting your books through your ears, Quantum Beginnings just dropped on Audible. It’s 13.5 hours of Near-future Cyberpunk, Hard Science, Emergent AI’s, and non-fade-to-black fun. Quantum Beginnings hit a #1 bestseller in Hard Sci-Fi, and the reviews have been fantastic, so I’m hoping it’ll do well over on Audible. Disclaimer:Continue reading “Quantum Beginnings Audiobook Release!”

Facebook Group for Entangled Fates / Quantum Beginnings

Ever have one of those moments when you realized that you did a thing, but never told anyone you did a thing? Yeah… So, I put together a Facebook Group for the book series. I’ve got details on some community perks I’m considering. If you would like to vote on what Artwork, Side Stories, CharacterContinue reading “Facebook Group for Entangled Fates / Quantum Beginnings”

Quantum Proliferation Release

Well, there goes the neighborhood. Quantum Proliferation is going live across the globe as I type (Nov 15). Kudos to those who start reading at midnight tonight. If you like this series, please share the news that the second installment of the Entangled Fates series is out across all of those groups that might beContinue reading “Quantum Proliferation Release”

Entangled Fates 2,3,4 Update + Cover Art+ Audiobook

Lots of updates to share. First, I just inked an agreement to have Quantum Beginnings produced into an audiobook. These things are prone to delays and soft timelines, but I think it should be on Audible roughly in time for the holidays. Melissa Schwairy will be the narrator (her audition really brought the characters toContinue reading “Entangled Fates 2,3,4 Update + Cover Art+ Audiobook”