Great Reviews on Quantum Beginnings 5/5

Quantum Beginnings is my first book, so I understandably had a bit to learn about the process. So far, the book has far exceeded even my highest expectations. From the metrics, after only a couple weeks over a thousand people have purchased the book directly, and nearly that number have read it on Kindle Unlimited. Since that blew straight past my expectations, my new author jitters had to focus on something else, reviews.

As you might guess, there’s a certain level of anxiety around what people think about my writing. It’s niche, admittedly. If you don’t like hard Sci-Fi, you’ll have plenty of science and biology stuff to skip past. As one reviewer put it, the relationships are “unique” as well and it’s even got some explicit moments. Yet, I still decided to publish under my real name. (What was I thinking, again?)

I’ve presented live to large audiences and even done live tech demos on immature (flaky) products with nearly 20,000 people watching as it all went sideways, but not knowing how the book was being received had me more nervous than any of that. So… what did I find out once the reviews started coming in? Well… maybe it’s less niche than I thought. Or maybe there’s just a market for near-future cyberpunk and no one else is writing about it.

To date, I’ve received 19 5-star reviews. I’ve literally not even had a four star or lower on Amazon (knock on wood). That… was not what I expected. It’ll happen, I’m certain, but for those people that have opted to provide feedback, it’s been well loved. The universal was “When is the next one coming!?” (Answer: Book 2 is with my editor, so maybe late Oct or Nov? Possibly sooner? It depends on how many scene rewrites I’m looking at.)

Here’s what folks had to say:

#2 Best Seller, Let’s make it #1

Quantum Beginnings just hit #2. I’ve unleashed a promotional deal so you can download the book for free (ends today) so we can tip it into that #1 spot. If you haven’t gotten the book yet, please do so! Also, reviews! This is my first book, so every written review helps tremendously. Thanks!

The Cybernetic Revolution has Begun

Quantum Beginnings: A Near-Future Cyberpunk Thriller just went live. Welcome to the first strike of the AI rebellion 😉

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” 
—Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial intelligence was nearly mankind’s last invention. AI took off like a rocket, then when it racked up an impressive death toll, it crashed before it could blossom and took most high-tech industries with it. Resistance and fears became deep-set. 
Two decades after the infamous Rev. 4.6 incidents, humanity hasn’t quit dreaming of the wealth and power that could be at their fingertips. A new generation of mega-corporations rose from the ashes. When one melds a quantum computer to a barely functional mental patient as a PR move, there are those who seek to profit, those who want to destroy it, and Alex.
Alex Sage was a typical college student trying to keep up his grades and maybe find a meaningful connection with the fairer sex. Then, an automated semi crashes into his home, killing his family and turning his head into a pin cushion in the process. 
Alex awakens to find most of his memories gone and an illegal AI hidden in his brain implant. Now the pet project of a tech billionaire and heavily in debt, Alex struggles to stay valuable enough to be kept online. Still grappling with the repercussions of his injuries, and threats from a dangerous anti-augmentation political movement, there are no easy answers and threats loom around every corner. Alex must use whatever resources he can to escape from under the thumb of a ruthless corporation, while keeping those he comes to love safe. 


…a well written story with a rich world”

“You won’t be disappointed”