An Ode to My First 1 Star Review and Things I Shouldn’t Post

Of course, 24 hours after making my last post about how I’d only received 5 stars, someone immediately felt compelled to change that. Seems I poked the angry bear, or maybe a surley racoon… No? Ok, just an irritated squirrel in the trash can. Much to my excitement, when I did my daily check, IContinue reading “An Ode to My First 1 Star Review and Things I Shouldn’t Post”

Great Reviews on Quantum Beginnings 5/5

Quantum Beginnings is my first book, so I understandably had a bit to learn about the process. So far, the book has far exceeded even my highest expectations. From the metrics, after only a couple weeks over a thousand people have purchased the book directly, and nearly that number have read it on Kindle Unlimited.Continue reading “Great Reviews on Quantum Beginnings 5/5”

#2 Best Seller, Let’s make it #1

Quantum Beginnings just hit #2. I’ve unleashed a promotional deal so you can download the book for free (ends today) so we can tip it into that #1 spot. If you haven’t gotten the book yet, please do so! Also, reviews! This is my first book, so every written review helps tremendously. Thanks! #2 in Technothrillers (KindleContinue reading “#2 Best Seller, Let’s make it #1”

The Cybernetic Revolution has Begun

Quantum Beginnings: A Near-Future Cyberpunk Thriller just went live. Welcome to the first strike of the AI rebellion 😉 “By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” —Eliezer Yudkowsky Artificial intelligence was nearly mankind’s last invention. AI took off like a rocket, then when it rackedContinue reading “The Cybernetic Revolution has Begun”