Quantum Beginnings Free Days

Awesome news, my best selling near-future cyberpunk thriller, Quantum Beginnings – Entangled Fates 1 is free through 5/22/20.

I could try to talk it up, but my reviewers do a better job.

P.M.: “Outstanding writing, excellent story, well developed characters you will love, one of the best books I’ve read this year.”
A.: “An amazing story of early development of cyber tech. The way it’s written feels really realistic and how people react to transhumanism.
A.C: “This is one of those gems you always hope to stumble into
J.D.: “Couldn’t put this down.
C.D.: “A wonderful read that would not let go even after I finished the book!
M.M: “I absolutely loved this book. The characters were awesome and I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it.
L.T.: “Stayed up crazy late because I couldn’t put it down.
M.: “It was an amazing book about struggle and survival.
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Artificial intelligence was nearly mankind’s last invention. AI took off like a rocket, then when it racked up an impressive death toll, it crashed before it could blossom and took most high-tech industries with it. Resistance and fears became deep-set.
Two decades after the infamous Rev. 4.6 incidents, humanity hasn’t quit dreaming of the wealth and power that could be at their fingertips. A new generation of mega-corporations rose from the ashes. When one melds a quantum computer to a barely functional mental patient as a PR move, there are those who seek to profit, those who want to destroy it, and Alex.

Alex Sage is a typical college student trying to keep up his grades and maybe find a meaningful connection with the fairer sex. Then, an automated semi crashes into his home, killing his family and turning his head into a pin cushion in the process.

Alex awakens to find most of his memories gone and an illegal AI hidden in his brain implant. Now the pet project of a tech billionaire and heavily in debt, Alex struggles to stay valuable enough to be kept online. Still grappling with the repercussions of his injuries, and threats from a dangerous anti-augmentation political movement, there are no easy answers and threats loom around every corner. Alex must use whatever resources he can to escape from under the thumb of a ruthless corporation, while keeping those he comes to love safe.

This series features an anti-hero protagonist, does not shy away from complicated relationships (multiple partners), and is not fade to black. 18+

If you enjoy techie thrill-rides, action-packed scenes, morally gray main characters, and aren’t afraid of a bit of spicy romance, this might just be for you.

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