Quantum Escape is Out Now!

This was a fun one to write. It ended up quite the action-packed thriller.

Covalent Technology’s unveiling of the next generation of Mesh caused ripples felt worldwide. In one move, Alex and Sophie not only launched their latest money-making scheme but also their opening salvo in their war against the rogue AI that stands to destroy all those that might oppose it.

Such a thing was always bound to attract attention. Months of careful moves had been taken to prepare, but when one stray phone call blows their cover, the response is immediate and lethal. Plans come crashing down as Homeland Security, Chiwen, and a betrayal that will shake Alex to his core converge.

With a ticking clock, Alex and the Black Flags are thrown into their deadliest battle yet in a desperate bid to keep Sophie online as they fight for their very lives.

There are deals to be made, and lives to be taken. The blood gods are hungry.

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