Entangled Fates 2,3,4 Update + Cover Art+ Audiobook

Lots of updates to share. First, I just inked an agreement to have Quantum Beginnings produced into an audiobook. These things are prone to delays and soft timelines, but I think it should be on Audible roughly in time for the holidays. Melissa Schwairy will be the narrator (her audition really brought the characters to life).

Second: Book 2 blew up. I’d hoped to have it out the door this month, but during editing it became apparent that I’d overdone it. So it’s now split into book 2 and 3. Quantum Proliferation (Book 2) is on track to be released in November. It’s possible I might be able to reel that in, but I’m not counting on it. Book 3 is pretty much done and is queued up for editing right after 2 is out the door. Book 4 is in draft and is roughly 75% complete.

Lastly, I’ve had the cover for Entangled Fates 1 professionally redone.

It’s been a busy month!

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